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Strive for perfection

Some try to be all things to all people. Others take a more focused approach. These are ones who don’t accept compromise, who strive for perfection.

i-Optics is one of these. Their Cassini system embodies the pursuit of establishing the exact axis of astigmatism.

Cassini digital corneal scanning technology is unsurpassed in clarity and accuracy – it is close to perfection. The patented three-colour LED technology maps the corneal topography like a GPS, to provide superior toric axis alignment for refractive and cataract surgery.

Using Cassini, surgeons can also analyse clear, digital images of the cornea before, during and after the operation, enabling real-time decision making. Imaging from Cassini can be digitally ‘fed’ into other devises (like TrueVision 3D and Lensar) for precise, seamless and efficient surgery.

Cassini is the starting point for better surgery, offering better outcomes for patients. You can throw away your marker-pen; Cassini turns grey areas into crisp, vivid colour.

The technology is unique to i-OPtics – no-one else is as focused.