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Lensar intelligence

Superior IQ – superior results

Lensar equips surgeons with what they call Superior Cataract IQ. The system uses state-of-the-art Femto Cataract Laser Technology, providing Augmented Reality for precise refractive cataract surgery.

Intelligent approach – Ultra-accurate imaging and biometric measurements ensure precise laser placement. This significantly increases the precision and ease of an anterior capsulotomy, and the efficiency of cataract removal.

Intelligent Imaging – Lensar is the only system that provides a real 3-D view of the entire anterior segment. The sophisticated Augmented Reality imaging provides an in-focus view from the anterior cornea to the posterior capsule. It also detects lens tilt, significantly reducing the chances of capsular breakage.

Intelligent design – The system is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. It has a small footprint, easily fitting into standard operating rooms for the convenience of patients, surgeons and staff. The laser head is positioned for treatment and then retracted for easy integration. A low pressure suction ring immobilises the eye without a dramatic rise in IOP, while the fluid-filled interface maintains the integrity of the cornea for optimal results.

The Lensar Superior IQ Laser System is the future of ophthalmic surgery. The good news is that it’s available now.