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Intraocular dyes

A new view for vitreoretinal surgery

Brilliant Peel – Premixed in a syringe

Brilliant Peel provides retinal surgeons with a non-toxic dye for selective staining of the ILM during membrane peeling.

Reliable without compromise.

  • Brilliant Peel was developed for specific staining of the inner limiting membrane (ILM). Specific staining of the ILM allows it to be clearly differentiated from the underlying retinal tissue and the epiretinal membranes. The surgically demanding removal of the ILM thus becomes easier and safer.
  • The low quantity of the Brilliant dye means it can be rinsed out more easily.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Quick and intensive staining due to the fast sinking action of the dye.
  • Premixed in an ergonomically designed syringe.