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Accuracy and precision

Lenstec Precision Series technology has created the world’s best hydrophilic IOLs.

Lenstec IOLs incorporate micro-incision designs that require no instrumentation or technique changes by the surgeon, with the added benefit of Precision Series labelling for consistently improved outcomes.

Precision Series technology is incorporated into the Softec HD and HDY mono-focal lenses and the Tetraflex Presbyopic Accommodating IOL:

Softec HD – the first monofocal implant with 0.25D steps to be approved by the US FDA is arguably the most accurate hydrophilic IOL on the market today. (0.25D steps and 0.125D tolerance for the same power lens).

Softec HDY – the only hydrophillic lens available in Australia with a blue blocking filter. (0.25D steps and 0.125D tolerance for the same power lens).

Tetraflex – a unique presbyopic lens, with outstanding visual acuity that offers 95% spectacle independence for daily activities. Accommodation of up to 3.0 dioptres allows patients to function with near, middle and distance vision. (0.25D steps and 0.1D tolerance for the same power lens).