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A cut above

Sharpoint’s precise Infinite Edge™ technology is world-leading. Consistently sharp and dimensionally true, Sharpoint provide surgeons with the instruments to perform beautiful surgery.

Put simply, they are a cut above.

IQ Geometry™ knives
IQ Geometry is an intelligent advancement in knife technology providing diamond-like sharpness unattainable in standard knives. The tangential design merges two micro-thin radii to create an elemental edge (0.1mm) that engages tissue with only two contact points, producing a lower coefficient of friction. This means:
Less penetration force is required for more precise cellular dissection and superior wound architecture.

Inserted into the punctal opening to block tear drainage through the canaliculus, silicone punctal plugs provide long-term relief of dry eye symptoms, and increases the retention of natural tears.

Absorbable and non-absorbable sutures
Absorbable sutures are available in plain gut, chromic gut or PolySyn/PGA. Non-absorbable are available in nylon, silk or polypropylene.