Vision through innovation

Our Mission

IQ Medical is dedicated to providing the best visual outcomes for patients. Our mission consists of four core principles:

  • To represent the highest quality companies dedicated to innovation;
  • To create and uphold the highest ethical relationships;
  • To support, respect and reward employees for the role that they play in the success of the company; and
  • To operate on a sound financial basis for profitable growth.

Our Values

  • Integrity: IQ Medical promotes and sustains high standards of ethics and integrity characterised by reliability, transparency, clarity, loyalty and trust.
  • Engagement: IQ Medical engages passionately with the evolving knowledge in ophthalmic technology and seeks to proactively share that passion with related parties.
  • Innovation: IQ Medical embraces change and proactively seizes opportunities to find new solutions.
  • Knowledge: IQ Medical understands and engages emerging ophthalmic solutions within a community of continual learning and education.
  • Accountability: IQ Medical is accountable to all key stakeholders and seeks to provide a safe and secure working environment and confidence in its products.
  • Collaboration and Cooperation: IQ Medical seeks fairness through reciprocal collaboration and cooperation with employees, customers, suppliers and industry bodies. IQ Medical values and respects their contribution and seeks to develop a positive and collaborative work environment.