IQ Medical announces partnership with TearLab

At IQ Medical we are dedicated to providing the best visual outcomes for patients. We choose to represent the highest quality companies in order to collectively bring innovative products to the Australian Ophthalmic community. A core principle in that process is that of ‘precision’: to provide devices that offer significantly improved levels of precision over those currently available to Ophthalmologists, which in turn will give their patients significantly better visual outcomes and improve consistency and reliability.

To that end we are delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with TearLab for the distribution of the TearLab Osmolarity System* in Australia.

The TearLab Osmolarity System* is an objective and quantitative point-of-care diagnostic test that provides precise and predictive information. It is intended to measure the osmolarity of human tears to aid in the diagnosis of dry eye disease in patients, in conjunction with other methods of clinical evaluation.

We believe the TearLab Osmolarity System* will make a real difference to patient’s visual outcomes because of the importance tear osmolarity can have on pre-operative biometry. Early detection and management may ensure optimal ocular surface health prior to biometry for refractive or cataract surgery, which in turn may optimise correct IOL power selection. This end-to-end solution for improving outcomes while increasing consistency and reliability of surgery is a further extension of our mission: to offer efficiency and accuracy that will enhance precision and reliability, elegantly.

IQ Medical announces partnership with Leica Microsystems

IQ Medical is proud to announce the signing of an agreement with Leica Micosystems for distribution of the full range of Ophthalmic Microscopes in Australia. Leica is a world-renowned leader in providing innovative microscopy, camera and software solutions for imaging and analysis. For example, the new Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope has significant innovations: CoAx4 illumination technology offers enhanced view and FusionOptics technology provides better texture view during Ophthalmic surgery. Coupled with IOL guidance systems and IOL Compass, Proveo 8 enables markerless IOL guidance to avoid a number of potential inaccuracies from planning to Toric IOL positioning. Leica’s tagline “Your way to precise outcomes” represents their core philosophy: innovating products to optimise efficiency and accuracy, elegantly. A perfect synergy with IQ Medical.

IQ Medical announces recertification to ISO 9001:2008

IQ Medical is proud to announce the re-certification to ISO 9001: 2008. This represents a significant milestone for our company, and offers our customers absolute confidence in the quality of both our organisation and service. One of the few companies in our Industry with ISO 9001:2008, you can rest assured that we say what we do, and do what we say, tracking our activities and service in order to continuously improve as a company so that we ensure we are equipped to work with you to provide the best visual outcomes for patients.

IQ Medical announces partnership with Surgilum

IQ Medical is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with Surgilum for distribution of the RoboMarker in Australia & New Zealand. Surgilum is a new and innovative company based in North Carolina, USA. Profiled as one of the top eight innovations at the 2014 ASCRS, Surgilum’s state-of-the-art RoboMarker redefines corneal marking for astigmatic surgery. By redesigning the process of marking, the RoboMarker provides long lasting marks within 1 degree of accuracy in a world-first self-levelling system. Their tagline “see what you’ve been missing” represents their core philosophy: innovating products to optimise efficiency and accuracy, elegantly. A perfect synergy with IQ Medical.

IQ Medical attends AUSCRS

This year surgeons from around Australia will be meeting at Noosa for the AUSCRS 2015, from the 7th to the 10th of October. IQ Medical is looking forward to presenting some of our new products for the first time and we invite you to visit our booth to experience, for yourself, these new and innovative ophthalmic technologies from around the world:

  • Lensar with Streamline: automated grading of cataract density and customised energy delivery for every patient.
  • Surgilum RoboMarker: the world’s first hand-held self-levelling corneal marker with pre-inked, sterile, disposable tips and an integrated fixation light.
  • MBI Toric: see the cutting edge difference AccuPlace can make to your Toric outcomes. The way they are made, the ease with which they perform and the results they achieve will take you and your patients to a new level of satisfaction and confidence.

IQ Medical moves to a new facility

IQ Medical is proud to announce the opening of our new location at 2/86 Mary Street, Unley, SA 5061. With 680 square meters, this facility has been custom designed to offer IQ Medical room to expand, as well as integrate the activities of Helicon Technology with a significantly expanded workshop. We are confident that this move will complement our increased capacity to service you, our customer well into the future.

IQ Medical announces purchase of Helicon Technology

IQ Medical is proud to announce the purchase of Helicon Technology, a biomedical engineering company based in Adelaide that have been providing biomedical engineering service and support to companies and hospitals for over thirty years. This represents a significant milestone for IQ Medical, as it not only provides vertical integration of service into IQ Medical, but also incorporates Helicon into a larger organisation which will provide greater resources and an increased capacity to service you, our customer.

IQ Medical announces partnership with i-Optics

IQ Medical is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with i-Optics for distribution of the Cassini in Australia. i-Optics are industry leaders when it comes to offering smarter innovative eye diagnosis systems that cost less, perform better and are developed with the healthcare consumer in mind. Their tagline “see things different” represents their core philosophy of making products that are faster, easier, patient friendly and highly accessible.

We specifically chose to distribute the Cassini because we believe that, with its patented astigmatism measurement, the Cassini offers superior accuracy and precision for cataract surgery planning and placement of Toric IOLs. The first-of-its-kind use of corneal measurement with colour coded topographic points means the Cassini is a unique ‘GPS for the torus’. This puts information and control back into the surgeon’s hands: a new and unique certainty and confidence essential in Toric IOL planning which is repeatable and reliable.

This new combination of accuracy and precision correctly measures the clinically true axis of astigmatism and will allow the surgeon to optimise surgical outcomes for all Toric patients to an unprecedented new level.

Happier patients with confidence, every time