IQ Medical announces partnership with TearLab

At IQ Medical we are dedicated to providing the best visual outcomes for patients. We choose to represent the highest quality companies in order to collectively bring innovative products to the Australian Ophthalmic community. A core principle in that process is that of ‘precision’: to provide devices that offer significantly improved levels of precision over those currently available to Ophthalmologists, which in turn will give their patients significantly better visual outcomes and improve consistency and reliability.

To that end we are delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with TearLab for the distribution of the TearLab Osmolarity System* in Australia.

The TearLab Osmolarity System* is an objective and quantitative point-of-care diagnostic test that provides precise and predictive information. It is intended to measure the osmolarity of human tears to aid in the diagnosis of dry eye disease in patients, in conjunction with other methods of clinical evaluation.

We believe the TearLab Osmolarity System* will make a real difference to patient’s visual outcomes because of the importance tear osmolarity can have on pre-operative biometry. Early detection and management may ensure optimal ocular surface health prior to biometry for refractive or cataract surgery, which in turn may optimise correct IOL power selection. This end-to-end solution for improving outcomes while increasing consistency and reliability of surgery is a further extension of our mission: to offer efficiency and accuracy that will enhance precision and reliability, elegantly.