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Make your mark

The future is now in your hands, with beauty and balance combined into one ground-breaking instrument. Designed by a surgeon for surgeons, it will change the way you operate.

Treating astigmatism has just become more accurate and efficient – you’ll never use another marker pen again.

RoboMarker is the world’s first self-levelling corneal marker with an integrated fixation light and disposable, sterile, pre-inked tips. It eliminates the inaccuracies of the traditional marker pen technique.

No more cumbersome equipment, it’s all in the palm of your hands.
RoboMarker has an inbuilt high precision bearing system that maintains the desired axis to within 1°. All you have to do is set the tip at the required degrees on the axis dial. The integrated fixation light (with three different colours) helps keep patients’ gaze stable.

No more disappearing ink, but a unique, long-lasting solution.
RoboMarker’s disposable, sterile tips contain a patented Gentian Violet powder, activated by the eye’s moisture. It lasts up to two hours on the cornea, allowing you to mark multiple patients pre-operatively and improve efficiency by up to 8 minutes per patient. While this original ink is visible on the LenSx® and Victus® platform femtosecond lasers, a new infrared ink that is opaque under infra-red illumination will be released soon for the Catalyst® and Lensar femtosecond lasers as well.

No more smeared dots, just two crisp lines placed simultaneously.
RoboMarker allows you to truly ‘line-up’ the markings on Toric lenses.

The compact, ergonomic and easy to use RoboMarker is an investment in better results and happier patients. It’s time to make your mark.