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Perform with complete confidence

Surgitrac delivers high-quality consistency in both single-use and re-usable instruments, allowing you to perform with complete confidence. They have become a global leader in titanium re-usable instruments, while developing a comprehensive range of stainless steel single-use instruments.

Absolute precision, high strength, durability and light weight are the prerequisites. Total quality of manufacture is the objective.

Titanium re-usable
Surgitrac titanium instruments feature tungsten carbide coated tips, giving you a firm interlocking grip (while helping to reduce fatigue) during delicate procedures. They are also anodised to create a non-reflective surface which will withstand repeated sterilisation without compromising edge or surface quality or strength.

Stainless steel single use
Surgitrac’s low cost stainless steel instruments will provide you with the identical feel, weight and balance of the re-usable range. They are supplied, ready-to-use, in individual sterile packaging.

Surgitrac provide high quality surgical instruments for both anterior and posterior procedures, without the high price.