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Looking at surgery through a different lens.

The eye… the ocular masterpiece.

Yet to fully comprehend its wonderful intricacies, we need innovation, design and precision manufacturing… so that when you’re looking eye to eye with a patient, you are seeing everything with complete clarity.

Such clarity usually comes at a cost… but now there is an alternative.


Phakos manufacture a range of sterilised, single-use plastic lenses that are so beautifully crafted they’re like looking through glass:

Contact VR – easy on the eye, with a silicone ring specifically designed for patient comfort and perfect centration every time.
Ambidextrous Gonio – easy in your hands, with a unique detachable handle that allows easy use in either hand.

Phakos lenses are the cost-effective alternative to multi-use and flip-down microscope attached lens systems. Not only do you save on initial outlays, you no longer have to worry about:

  • Accidental breakage
  • Sterilisation faults
  • Recording sterilisation data (staff costs)
  • Wear and tear (through use and sterilisation)

With Phakos it’s a case of predictable convenience – simply unwrap and go.