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Beautiful to use

It’s not what’s in the box, but what comes out of it.
It’s not just a piece of equipment, it’s a new reality.

Cutting edge technology that is beautiful to use, with outstanding performance and reliability.
A higher level of satisfaction for you and your patients.

We do not order and deliver, we research and inform. We do not accept the adequate, we have to be inspired and excited about the possibilities, because we want you to be inspired and excited as well:
To be a forerunner rather than a follower.
To perform world-leading surgery on your patients.

That’s what happens when you open a box from IQ Medical.

Each box also contains peace of mind. We do not talk about guarantees, we give you our commitment and on-going support. We are pragmatic enough to know that not everything is perfect. However, we do our utmost to ensure that in your eyes, and your patients, everything is perfect.

We are not movers of merchandise; we are providers of new and better ways.