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Geuder Megatron S4 HPS

Perfection through flexibility

Geuder sounds like the name of an artist. It’s not, but the Geuder Megatron S4 HPS is a work of art.

It is perfection through flexibility, a dynamic system that caters for individual operating styles and surgical expertise. You will see the difference and so will your patients.

Geuder’s revolutionary PHACO technology, encapsulated in a compact German design, has been developed and engineered with surgeons and patients in mind. The Megatron S4 HPS gives you the freedom to:

Perform better
Create a vacuum three ways without interrupting the procedure. The multi-pump system allows you to move seamlessly from Peristaltic to Venturi to Hybrid-Venturi modes, the latter being unique to Geuder.

Perform more cost effectively
Unique Intraocular LED light source integrated into the hand-piece provides excellent cold illumination and optimal contrast, without the need for a central light source.

Perform more reliably
An internal compressor eliminates fluctuations quietly, optimises surgeon mobility and increases patient safety.

As with all our equipment, the Megatron S4 HPS is delivered with our on-going support and passion for world’s best technology.