IQ Medical announces partnership with i-Optics

IQ Medical is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with i-Optics for distribution of the Cassini in Australia. i-Optics are industry leaders when it comes to offering smarter innovative eye diagnosis systems that cost less, perform better and are developed with the healthcare consumer in mind. Their tagline “see things different” represents their core philosophy of making products that are faster, easier, patient friendly and highly accessible.

We specifically chose to distribute the Cassini because we believe that, with its patented astigmatism measurement, the Cassini offers superior accuracy and precision for cataract surgery planning and placement of Toric IOLs. The first-of-its-kind use of corneal measurement with colour coded topographic points means the Cassini is a unique ‘GPS for the torus’. This puts information and control back into the surgeon’s hands: a new and unique certainty and confidence essential in Toric IOL planning which is repeatable and reliable.

This new combination of accuracy and precision correctly measures the clinically true axis of astigmatism and will allow the surgeon to optimise surgical outcomes for all Toric patients to an unprecedented new level.

Happier patients with confidence, every time