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Lensar technology

It takes vision to give vision

To perform precise, beautiful surgery and make a real difference every time, it takes more than passion… it takes vision.

Lensar are a proactive and progressive independent company that approach cataract surgery from inside the eye. Designed for purpose, the Lensar system operates within the lens. It is not a modified corneal system, it’s a patented imaging system with liquid interface, and is unique in the world of ophthalmology. The ultimate aim is… to give vision.

To surgeons:

  • The entire anatomy of the eye can be seen.
  • Accurate detection (and compensation) of lens tilt.
  • Liquid Interface Technology uses a low profile suction ring that fills from the bottom up.

To patients:

  • Zero PHACO is possible in cataract grades 1 to 3.
  • Reduced Cumulative Dissipated Energy and effective fragmentation is possible to grade 5, creating clearer corneas.

The Lensar System is compact and portable. It can form the heart of a multi-surgeon laser suite or a single preparation and procedure theatre. Either way, the Lensar System is beneficial to patient comfort, improves surgery work flow and gives greater workplace flexibility.