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PreciSAL Monofocal Clear

Make a difference every time

It’s not a theory, it’s a reality.

A reality called PreciSAL.

The PreciSAL Monofocal is an aspheric intraocular lens with negative spherical aberration. It will transform patients’ lives by giving them back what they thought was lost forever – clear, sharp vision.

They are beautiful to use – PreciSAL are hydrophobic lenses with negative spherical aberration. They have less than 0.5% water content, yet unfold and centre perfectly, and sit in the bag exactly where you want them.

They are very precise – PreciSAL Monofocal IOLs are available in 0.25 Dioptre steps, in a range from 0 – 30.0 Dioptres, with a manufacturing tolerance of 0.125 Dioptre.

They produce wonderful results – Outstanding contrast sensitivity and visual acuity, with an unprecedented refractive accuracy of +/- 0.276 Dioptre. In a recent Australian study* of 100 consecutive patients, 89% were found to be within 0.5D of target.

Worldwide, in over 500,000 implants, no glistenings or PCO have been reported.

We believe PreciSAL will make a difference to how your patients see the world, and change the way you think about cataracts.

* Conducted by Dr. Peter Stewart, Lasersight Maroochydore (2013). Data available on file, IQ Medical.