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PreciSAL Monofocal Yellow

See and sleep like a 4½ year old

PreciSAL Yellow is not the yellow lens you think it is.

It looks different because it is different. The proprietary chromophore of the violet filter is paler, the technology is breakthrough and the results are life-changing.

PreciSAL Yellow gives your patients the clarity and filtering properties equivalent to the lens of a 4½ year old. They will see in all kinds of light – clearer, crisper and more colourfully. And they will sleep better.

The high-energy filter protects the macula from cytotoxic violet light. However, it doesn’t block all the benign blue wavelengths (440nm-500nm) that contribute significantly to the body’s sense of diurnal rhythm, effective dim-light vision, colour perception and circadian photoreception.1

With PreciSAL Yellow, MBI achieve this with a transmission values of 78%-94% (440nm-500nm) compared to the industry standard of 32%-81%. Therefore, PreciSAL Yellow more accurately replicates the spectral transmission of a normal, healthy eye.

Your patients will see better and sleep better – their lives will be transformed.

1Mainster M.A., Turner P.L.: ‘Blue-blocking IOLs Decrease Photoreception Without Providing Significant Photoprotection’, Table 1. Surv. Ophthal. 55(3) May-June 2010 p273. 2010

Figure 1: Spectral sensitivity of photoreception and spectral transmittance of IOLs