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PreciSAL Toric

Toric – The cutting edge difference

Easy to use, with precise, reliable results.

That’s what PreciSAL Toric lenses bring to you as surgeon. What they do for your patients is correct their astigmatism, and bring them back to a world of colour, contrast and clarity.

The tray-polymerised, lathe-cut technology used to create PreciSAL lenses provides precision and keenness that is unmatched in the world of ophthalmology. It’s a precision you can see.

Less Rotation – the lens is easy to position and remains stable once in position because of its milled edge. This milling provides a much higher co-efficient of friction which, in turn, facilitates a much better attachment of the capsular bag to the lens post op to hold it in place.

AccuPlaceTM – The precise quadrant lathing means the lens power is spread over a greater area (up to 94% of the cylinder) and, therefore, is far more forgiving of rotational misplacement. In conjunction with improved attachment of the capsular bag, PreciSAL Toric promotes lens positioning that is virtually fail-safe. It’s what we call AccuPlaceTM.

Prevents PCO – the 90° square edge around the entire optic diameter and haptics, along with a higher co-efficient of friction, virtually eliminates the risk of cell migration and, therefore, PCO.

Greater Accuracy/More Capacity – spheres and cylinders are available in 0.5 Dioptre increments, providing unparalleled accuracy in treatment. Cylinders start at a low 1.0D, so you’ll be able to treat the majority of people more effectively.

The way they are made, the ease in which they perform, and the results they achieve will take you and your patients to a new level of satisfaction.