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PreciSAL Toric Specifications


IOL DesignAspheric single piece for posterior capsular bag
MaterialHydrophobic Acrylic with UV absorbers and violet filter, model T302A
UV Cut Off at 10% T> 392 nm (model T302AC)
Material Water Content<0.5%
Refractive Index1.5
ABBE Number50
Q Value-0.11
Optic DesignBiconvex, square edged optic and haptic
Optic Diameter6.0 mm
Overall Length13.0 mm
Haptic Angle
Spherical equivalent rangeAvailable in spherical equivalent powers from +5.0D to +30.0D:
1.0D steps: +5.0D to +10.0D
0.5D steps: +10.5D to +30.0D
Cylinder range+1.0D to +6.0D in 0.5D steps
Manufacturing Tolerance+/- 0.125D
Preloaded Mechanism2.2mm Incision (PT302A)
Manufacturer’s A-Constant118.7 (for contact AND immersion biometry)
Recommended A-Constant*•SRK II: 119.2
•SRK-T: 118.9
•sf: 1.75 [Holladay I]
•HAIGIS: [a0: 1.32, a1: 0.40, a2: 0.10]
ACD*5.337 [Holladay II];
5.51 [Hoffer Q];
5.16 [Manufacturer]
Method of SterilisationEthylene Oxide (ETO)

Rebate Codes: IQ019 (T302A); IQ020 (PT302A)

*These values are shown as guidelines only for use with optical biometry for calculation of implant power. IQ Medical and MBI recommend that surgeons develop their own values based on individual technique, measuring equipment and desired post-operative results. In no way are these values meant to be definitive.

PreciSAL Toric power cross-reference: